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Rumply Weatherproof Blankets and Ponchos - Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 1


High-performance indoor and outdoor, weatherproof blankets and ponchos

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Hug Sleep Pod Blanket - Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 3

Hug Sleep

Stretch fabric, adult swaddle-like, blanket that provides a comforting sleep

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Van Robotics Abii Smart Learning Robot

Van Robotics

Producers of Abii, a smart robot that personalizes math reading lessons with fun social interactions.

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Neuro Nootropic Gum

Neuro Nootropic

Nootropic energy gum engineered with the right amount of caffeine, B vitamins and L-theanine for better energy and focus.

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Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Fashions

Lord Von Schmitt

One of a kind high fashion crocheted designs from underwear to jumpsuits, umbrellas, croptops, ponchos are more!

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Grouphug Home Solar Panel


Easy to install, stylish solar panels designed to charge your small devices.

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Collection of organic clothing made from natural fibres, for babies, toddlers and kids.

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EZC Pak Immunity Supplement


Physician formulated immune support pack composed of certified organic Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C.

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Aira Wireless Charging Pad


Wireless charging technology capable of charging multiple devices.

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Somnifix Mouth Tape


Gentle mouth tape clinically proven to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality.

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Pricetitution Card Game


Adult party card game where you guess how much money it would take your friends to do absurd things.

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Oatmeals NY Oatmeal Cafe


New York City-based oatmeal bar and restaurant offering ‘build-your-own’ oatmeal bowls.

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FinalStraw Collapsible Metal Straw


Collapsible, reusable, easy to clean, metal straw – the last straw you’ll need!

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Doughp Edible Cookie Dough


Super tasty edible, bakeable cookie dough shipped nationwide.

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Cubicall Office Booths


Modular custom privacy and isolation phone booths for open-space offices.

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Bundil Crypto Investing App


Investment app that allows you to invest your spare change into cryptocurrencies and other assets.

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Basepaws Cat DNA Tests


Cat DNA test kits helping owners learn more about their cat’s health and breed traits.

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Zup Board

Zup Board

All-in-One Kneeboard, Wakeboard, Wakeskate, and Wakesurf Board for all ages.

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Mush Overnight Oatmeal


Overnight instant oats in a variety of flavors, delivered monthly.

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Inirv Smart Stove Knob


Smart stove knob that allows you to control your burners via smartphone.

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Hater Dating App


Dating app that matches people based on their shared dislikes.

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Grypmat Self-Grip Tool Organizing Tray


The original flexible tool organizer tray. Chemical and heat-resistant mat that grips to any surface.

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Glovestix Shoe Odor Sticks


Deodorizing nun-chucks that absorb moisture and eliminates odors and bacteria.

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Everytable Nutritious Affordable Meal Subscription Service


Food subscription service making healthy meals accessible and affordable to all.

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Drain Wig

Drain Wig

Completely disposable drain protector that allows you to remove hair without touching it.

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DetraPel Non-Toxic Liquid and Stain Repellent


Non-toxic water & stain repellent treatments designed to protect your favorite belongings from spills and stains.

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Coinout Cashback App


Cash app that lets you submit your receipts in exchange for cash rewards.

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ChangEd Student Loan Savings App


App that collects and uses your spare change to pay off your student loans.

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Victory Coffees

Victory Coffees

Veteran-owned, subscription coffee service delivering whole bean, ground or single cup pods to your home or business each month.

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Sealed By Santa Personalized Holiday Letters

Sealed By Santa

Delivering Christmas memories in the form of a personalized letter from Santa delivered to your child.

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Safe Grabs Multipurpose Silicone Mat

Safe Grabs

Multi-purpose, BPA-free, silicone microwave mat. For use as a splatter guard, trivet, hot pad, pot holder.

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PupBox Puppy Toys, Treats and training Subscription Box


Subscription box service delivering toys, treats and training customized for your puppy.

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Grease Bag Compostable Bags for Disposing Grease

Grease Bag

Eco-friendly, disposable, compostable bags that allow you to conveniently get rid of cooking oil.

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Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glass


Portable stemless wine glass tumbler with a silicone sleeve and drink-through lid.

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Fizzics Beer Tap


Beer dispenser that converts your canned or bottle beer into the perfect draft.

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Edn Smart Garden


Home smart garden and app for growing vegetables with ease.

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Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment

Doc Spartan

Fast acting, quick healing ointment that gets you back to training and doing what you love.

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Digiwrap Customize Your Own Gift Wrap


Customize tissue paper, gift bags, and labels with your corporate brand, logo, product shots or even full-color photos.

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Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box for Kids


Subscription service delivering monthly coding projects for kids.

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Apollo Peak Pet Wines

Apollo Peak

Let your pets join the pawty with Apollo Peak’s original line of 100% organic catnip wines.

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Ezpz Silicone Placemats


The original silicone suction plates and placemats for kids.

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Teaspressa Blended Teas


Specially blended teas designed to be brewed like coffee shots, lattes and espressos.

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Shefit High Impact Sports Bras for All Sizes


Custom adjustable high and medium impact sports bras for women of all sizes.

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Pavlok Wearable Shock Therapy Bracelet


Electric shock therapy wristband for zapping bad habits away.

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Nohbo Single Use Drops and Slips


Single use personal care drops and slips for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap.

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Nerdwax Glasses Wax


Beeswax-based blend of natural ingredient formulated to keep your glasses in place and on your face while you live you best life.

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Combat Flip Flop

Combat Flip Flops

Flip flops and sandals made from military-grade nylon, rubber and leather for better durability and traction.

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Shark Wheel Skateboard

Shark Wheel

Specialized skateboard wheels that are faster, smoother and last longer on all terrain.

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Roominate Smart Building Toy Set


DIY building block dollhouse that inspires STEM learning in little girls.

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Phonesoap Ultraviolet UV Light Sanitizer Case


Ultraviolet light sanitizer and cell phone charger. Sanitizes anything that fits inside.

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Oilerie Olive Oil


Olive oil bar delivering the best Italian cooking ingredients including premium extra virgin olive oil, balsamics, and seasonings.

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Luminaid Solar Lantern and Device Charger


2-in-1 solar camping lantern and phone charger for emergency kits, backpacking, storms and travel.

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Bombas Socks on a Mission


Comfort and performance socks on a mission to help those in need.

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Zoobean (Beanstack) Reading App


Literacy app that lets you create, manage and measure reading challenges.

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Slawsa Condiment


Flavorful condiment made of cabbage based-relish with a salsa twist.

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Rent a Goat Weed Removal

Rent a Goat

Eco-friendly, cost-effective way to clear your overgrown property with grazing goats.

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PackBack Online Learning Platform


Online learning platform and community that facilitates high-level discussions amongst students.

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Ilumi Smart Lightbulbs


LED Smart light bulbs and other intelligent lighting products .

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Diamond Dallas Page DDP Yoga Calisthenics Workout

DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page’s unique approach to fitness combines the best of yoga, sports rehab therapy, calisthenics and resistance training.

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Buzzy Pain Relief

Buzzy Pain Relief

Cooling device that distracts and minimized pain from needle injections.